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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Is SEO Really Dead??

The whole internet marketing community is now divided into two groups, some wannabes are shouting because their site got hurt by google algorithm updates..& screaming about the death of SEO! Whereas the others are just monitoring over the whole scenario and preparing themselves for a tough competition.

Seriously if you ask me, I just find it so funny whenever google announces any algorithm update, within an hour the whole web world gets crowded with all the curse & comments of the victims-something like this "Google is playing with us", "I have always done white hat seo(lol) why my site got hurt?","google is cheating us!"-and blah blah..Why dont you guys just get the hint that Google hardly cares about your anger, I guess it happens because there is too many people are now involved in this industry with their head filled with utter shit!There is nothing like authentic link building nor white hat seo, you got to put this in your brain that right at this moment, SEO is all about engagement! Stupid link building not going to help you anymore unless your client had already purchased a link building package from you( 1000 directory for just 20$!!), then yes you may continue to do it no matter how badly it affects the site ranking. Otherwise you are advised to do some real work, write a nice content,share with the FB people. get G+ s. Honestly take it from me...SEO is never going to die, without SEO there would not be any organic search result, as long as the keywords will be there, SEO is bound to stay in the scenario. Having worked for many years, I have seen how stupid people are calling themselves SEO, they dont have knowledge of marketing, writing or development, all they can do is bloody submission" oh! I can submit 200 directories in 20 minutes, am I in? " Trust me these SEos are dead and search engine optimization will continue to roll over their corpse!

Subhadip is a creative Internet marketer & one of the promising php experts from Kolkata, he has no girl friend so he wastes his time writing stupid blogs ;)