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Monday, 25 February 2013

Simple Image Optimization Techniques

Do you have a blog? Do you spend hours on creating great contents? Is your blog performing well in the search result? Well congrats! Do you know that you could actually make more out of it with just a few more techniques? Ever heard about image optimization or photo optimization? You know that images are good and they do have an effect on the visitor’s mind, but you can also make an impact from a seo stand point of view by using images on your blog, curious to know about this trick? Great!

Name it right- You may have beautiful & creative images in your blog, but it hardly matters to the search engine boats, remember that they don’t have any idea about the image unless you put a name on it(“1276.jpg” would not work here!). Say if it’s about a design template image then you can name it “web design template” & then the boats would recognize this jpeg property which relates to web design templates.

Alt attributes- This is another provision to tell search engines about the content of the image, alt attributes play as important role as the title of the image  & without  an alt attribute, search engines may find It difficult to interpret the image. If you have an wordpress blog, then it’s easier to add alt attribute to the image, upload your image with add image function & add the alt text in the “alternative text “ field .

Keywords- Keywords play the vital role in SEO, and seo is all about common sense, think about what type of keywords would be applicable for your image? If it’s about an washing machine & your blog is about buying washing machines, then the image should contain “buy washing machine” …simple isn’t it ?
If your images are well optimized, then those images are bound to appear in the image search result, and there will be the address of your blog from which the image has been fetched…power of images!

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