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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Latest SEO Trend

SEO is not simple anymore and everyone seems to be very concerned about that! Now this changed trend has generated a disgusting self promotional attitude among the so called SEO experts & you might already have encountered something like "we are the authentic service provider, contact us for best link building services"! Oh yeah, these people will submit your site link to hundreds of directory,they will even spam in the forums with the keywords, they will ask others "hi i want to do a guest post(with a crap content)" and this procedure is surely going to give your business wings to fly, probably your business will even fly away from the search result itself & may never show up again.So how to keep up with this trend with the help of this so called SEO firms?

Content- Not a new thing to you right? But believe me this competition of making unique & standard content will never end, further more in the coming years 9 out of 10 content firms will be flooding the web world with unique & standard content. Added to that, even the social media experts are now leaning towards making awesome contents, because contents speak to the people & the marketers are now trying really hard!

Blogs- For god's shake please dont think that I am advising you to create a blog to make random posts, this thing doesn't work, try to think beyond those idiots & show some passionate attitude towards your profession mate. Interact with others, promote your blog and write awesome contents with unique ideas so that people enjoy reading

Site blog- This is really important not only from SEO stand point of view but also to create a brand image in front of the netizens!Update your blog twice in a week, and see how google starts to crawl your blog more often.

Guest posting- Yep! You know this thing...making posts in others blog with a crap content right? Guess what, seo s are really like cockroaches, whatever they touch gets contaminated & guestposting is not an exception, soon google is going to take serious step against this spamming technique! So before getting victimized take all the precautions on your part. Stop using keyword link in the author bio, instead use your site url, write your own content and write about things that you actually know about.

So that's it? Of course not  mate!SEO has changed entirely & there is more to come in our way..brace yourself!     

I am an internet marketer working for a seo company kolkata, you will get latest seo ideas & updates in my blog, hope you have enjoyed this blog! ;)