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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Mobile SEO- Need or Want?

Mobile seo..is it just a “want” or a necessity in today's world? Why people are leaning towards mobile seo these days? Before answering these questions ask your self ..do you really know what it takes to do mobile seo or what is this about?? Honestly mobile seo is still in it’s initial stage when everyone is trying to understand mobile web world & how it works, this conclusion can be applied to the users, the companies & the mobile search engines as well!

No one even knows what type of business model would get response from the mobile users, as for the time being we only know that most of the mobile users access web from their mobile or tablets when they are on the move…perhaps looking for information about a nearby restaurant..they are more likely to search for “mainland china restaurant Kolkata” than “cheap handbags”…another logic behind this assumption is that the current mobile devices  provide smaller display which is not good enough to decide whether to buy a T shirt or not, users still prefer desktops or laptops  when they want to shop online from an e commerce site.

The number of smart mobile users  around the world has already exceeded 1 billion & the number is still increasing the moment as we speak. So there is no doubt that sooner or later mobile seo is going to have it’s own perks in web marketing. As for the time being.. there is just a few points  that I would like to tell all the mobile seo guys out there…

1.    Don’t waste your time by applying those old techniques
2.    User experience should always get the prior importance
3.    Make sure your mobile site complies with the  W3C mobile OK standards
4.    Submit your mobile site to all the mobile directories & portals
5.     Minimize the usage of flash or JavaScript, ensuring that your site content’s visibility is good enough to the users as well as to the mobile search engine crawlers
6.    Unlike desktop web, the keywords play a less important role in this new medium so don’t go crazy over the keywords rather make sure that your mobile site delivers a good user experience as much as possible 

Author- Hi! I am  Subhadip the admin of this blog, by profession I am an internet marketer currently working for Infosolz Consultancy Services pvt ltd, an Web development company in kolkata