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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Page Rank Myths : Is it really about what you have been thinking all these years?

You all know that page rank is important for your site/blog, it holds as a sign of how much your site is trusted by Google & at the same time it also plays as an important factor to determine your site’s ranking position in the search result. You might have been busy all these years building backlinks for increasing your site’s trustworthiness to big G & page rank as well…right? Like the same old logic … as many links as your site has from different domains, it’s good because it means that your site is trusted by many others…this is what you have been told all these years..well guess what? It doesn’t matter how many back links your site has, it’s never going to improve your site’s page rank whatsoever. Having been working in this field of internet marketing, I have heard people talking about half truths about page ranks every now & then, but after all these years it appeared to be something different from what others have been telling me, so I thought maybe it’s time when I should share my experience with you guys, so here it goes…how to improve PageRank

  • Site age- A popular thought about page rank that it increases with your site’s domain age,to be precise the older your domain is better is the chance of increasing  the page rank..WRONG! it’s just one of many of those seo myths & I have seen new born sites that have been awarded with great PR just because of the quality user experience they deliver to the visitors.

  • Backlinks- Ahhh! The one factor that gave birth to the seo industry (Trust me! There would not be so many SEO experts if it was only about the quality from the very beginning but as you can see the big G got smarter with time & today this industry is not where you should be if you are a link submitter with almost zero common sense) How ever I have seen my article pages getting pr even there is not a single backlink pointing to that page. So I guess the backlink factor doesn’t go well in this case.

  • Site platform- Just another seo myth I would say, I don’t support that Google indexes wordpress blogs/sites more than blogspot or it has a greater chance of getting PR faster. It’s not true, even blogspot or .org and alike domains can get PR as well, on the other hand some domains like .edu, .gov are always blessed by Google & get high pr by default but that shouldn’t discourage you to do blogging on blogger platform.

  • Design- If your site looks great then it can engage your visitors more, and design factor is only limited to this boundary only. It really has nothing to do with PR, but then again if more number of visitors are getting engaged with your site then it can bring your expected reward …high PR.

  • Conent- This is your favorite quote ,as well as of Matt cuts & many other marketing professionals..”content is king” period ! Well this is so true about websites & one can’t deny this…but what does it mean? It means that you should generate some content that could really put a value to the users,it means that if you are a marketing professional then you should not write about rocket science because you know nothing about this, you should not create content for the sake of backlinks only..got my point?

  • Authority- This is not about domain authority people rather it’s  about your authority in the niche you want to delve into in your article, like I said in the last point you shouldn’t try your luck in those topic that you have no idea about. This will make sure that you write only meaningful articles for your visitors for which they might reward you with lots of shares & likes as well.

Trust me  these guidelines can bring your blog high page rank in the next google pr update, all you need to do is creating engaging content rather than putting stress in link building only.

Subhadip is an internet marketing consultant & currently working for Infosolz Consultancy services pvt ltd, to know more about this webdevelopment company visit www.infosolz.com