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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

SEO- Blogging & Traffic

Blogging is not a new thing to webmasters & we all know how we can get maximum benefits out of this. But when it comes to seo, things have always changed from the way it used to be…having been working in this field for years , I honestly feel like it that SEO people are really  like cockroaches, everything they touch gets contaminated. The same has happened with blogging also, I have seen a great number of shitty blogs filled with keywords, crap contents & links… it’s not hard to guess the mind setting of these seo’s, everything new they hear about can only relate with submission stuff & blogging is just another kind of submission to these ‘experts’! I do think that the reason behind this is the lack of knowledge, poor quality manpower & seo itself! Because earlier it was too easy to do seo…getting links from thousands of crap site , anyone could do it  but now the scenario has changed and it takes time & qualified manpower to see fruitful results. However I don’t intend to discuss about seo in this post but blogging so let’s get into this…
Your blog content can fall under two categories
  •   Blogs about information that is being circulated for long time on the internet
  •   Blogs about the latest & breaking news/events etc.

  • Blog about recycled information- This type of information may be old & not exciting enough but not necessarily be unimportant. For example an old tutorial may be not as important to those who have been around for a long time in the niche as it would be to the novices of the same niche but still, it will be considered as important by the readers. Whereas it’s not a good idea to fill your blog site with this kind of content only, as it won’t lead you to your target which is to create maximum conversion or maybe just getting traffic.
  • Blogs about latest news/events/technology- Blogs about breaking news, updates always attract people, at the same time it also provides an opportunity to increase your authority in your niche. When you have the latest news about a topic in your niche, people start asking questions because you have the answer. This interaction between you & the readers builds a strong relationship which then coverts into recurring visits to your blog, subscription etc.
  • Socializing-Now you have made a new post in your blog,the first thing you would like to do is to let your social circle know about this, if it’s good enough it will be shared among  your Fb or G+ followers and so on..you must put effort to build up a strong social connection in the first place so as to let the web world know that your blog is there.
  • Title-Choosing the right title is important, forget about the keywords and pay attention about what’s currently happening, what the users are looking for…for example take my post about ‘is seo really dead?” this is one of the most controversial issue & people continuously searching for the answer(especially ‘experts’ lol) so I just used it as the title of my post & eventually it worked ;)
Hopefully these little tricks will help you to build up your blog reputation & traffic as well! Don't forget to drop your comments & check out my site seo company kolkata