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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Google Now- Amazingly smart search service


Today I was searching randomly for some seo BS, however what I found out is more than amazing & I can’t help myself  from sharing this with you guys! Google is our god, and what it says..we just need to follow it. Once it said to stuff keywords in the pages for better indexing  & we did, then it said don’t do it & we stopped. Google itself  once instructed webmasters to do submission stuff for link building & now it says not to do it…I too feel bad about this at times, but I guess this is what you have to deal with when you work for a company that doesn’t pay you! Although what I found out is simply not good for my job, but I guess it’s too great to be sad just because it could hurt your puny SEO.

 It’s coming…..

There is a lot of BS about death of SEO people talk about  all around the web, I had even seen something like this http://isseodead.info/ ( the most wtf page I have ever seen), is Google killing SEO? Yes. Is it going to last for another 10 years? Probably not. Why? Because Google is getting smart enough to know exactly what a user is looking for… I don’t know how many of you know about  “Google now”…I’m going to share what search engine guru  Danny Sullivan has experienced with this new predictive search service-

“I best encountered this a few weeks ago, when leaving an event at Facebook. I’d remembered my flight time wrong and suddenly got panicked that I wouldn’t get to the airport in time.

Dashing through the parking lot to my car, I turned-on my Galaxy Nexus phone and opened up the Google Now screen, to speak that I wanted it to navigate me from Facebook to the airport in San Jose. I needed both the directions plus an estimate of how long it was going to take.

Before I spoke, Google Now already had the trip up, with the estimated travel time, along with a link to start navigation. It had quite literally anticipated what I needed to know before I thought to search.

Another example of Google Now amazing me was earlier this month, when I was in Munich. I already had euros from a previous trip, so I hadn’t had to convert any dollars. That left me unsure of the exchange rate. I kept meaning to look it up, but when I went into Google Now, there was no need. It already showed me the exchange rate, as well as how to say “hello” in German and local photo spots.

That was another “wow” moment to me, where Google Now went well beyond what I expected, where I got a glimpse of what the future of “predictive” or “anticipatory” search might bring.

Google Now also does well for me in other ways in that, if they don’t make me go “wow” still are very useful.

For example, I regularly look for movie listings, usually on Fridays and Saturdays. Google Now sometimes has them ready for me, before I search. Google Now has learned sports teams that I like and automatically shows me the latest scores. It’s seen breaking news stories that I’ve read and keeps me updated on those:” – Danny Sullivan    

Though the service is still not perfect but it surely amazes me when I imagine how Google is going to change the concept of search, imagine when you would not need to type much & Google would be able to get you exactly what you need by monitoring your search pattern & trend.  I say it’ only about 3-4 more years & we will be seeing a completely changed internet world