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Thursday, 11 April 2013

How to buy a good domain?

Are you thinking about buying a domain that has a lot of spam links targeting towards it & still ranking well? Maybe it’s time when you should think about this again & this time with a little more ‘sense’! The head of search spam Matt Cutts has recently made it clear to those having a question on mind if they should buy a spammy domain or not… he has explained that there can be two penalties in this case , either on manual side or on the algorithmic side. 

If your site gets penalized manually  then you would get a chance for speedy recovery by sending a reconsideration request once the spam has been cleared, however it differs if the case is of algorithmic penalty where you need to wait till the next algorithmic changes take place. If the spam has been aggressive in nature then the recovery would be hard to achieve, for a better result you should write down each step you are taking to remove the spam & then specify it when sending the reconsideration request. Alternatively you can simply avoid this & buy a clean domain that has never been contaminated with spam. Now how could you know that the domain you are planning to buy is not a spammy one?
  •  There are a number of frauds out there in the business to bleed you’re a/c  with expired & spammy domains. Usually this type of domains possess  a good pagerank  because these frauds know that people  normally look for domains with high pr to save time, so they use a trick known as ‘vapor domain’ where the domain shows a fake page rank which it actually doesn’t have! You can simply save yourself by using this site http://www.seologs.com/pr-check/pagerank.html , type your domain name & check if it returns the page rank which you have been shown by the seller
  •      Try the backlink checker tool to find out if it has a thousands of spammy backlinks        

  • You should also use archive.org to see if the domain previously  belonged to an illegal site or not, say if the domain is a normal site at present but if it was a porn site 5 years back would you risk your money buying it? 
  •     A lot of people don’t know about the PageRank that  the pr toolbar normally shows…here is the fact! The page rank you are seeing right now is not the current PR that your site holds but it’s the PR that your site had three months agos! Google use this delayed PR so that it’s algorithm doesn’t have to deal with the  competitors & black hat seo s. So  don’t  get  addicted to the green bar!
Hopefully these guidelines will save you a lot of time & money as well. Don’t forget to share this post & if you have more questions kindly post it in the comment’s section or mail me directly.