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Monday, 22 April 2013

Six design mistakes that you would never like to repeat

Quality & credibility- Does quality content give an excuse for poor website design? Of course not, but if your site has got something useful for the users, they may comprise with the design & the advertisements. It’s a proven fact as there are a number of not so well designed sites which are gaining a lot of traffic because they have quality content to offer their users.

They are impatient- Users are fairly impatient & if they don’t find the things they are looking for at the moment they visit your site, they would leave the site & will never come back. Therefore it’s the responsibility of the designer to make the site attractive enough so that a user takes a minute before he/she decides to leave

Let them have control- Users don’t like anything being imposed on them, for instance they don’t like new windows being popped up suddenly, therefore I would never suggest using ‘open links in new window’ or ‘sign up to add items to your cart’ etc

Keep it simple- Put it like this...if it takes less effort from the users to try a service, then most of the random users  would definitely want to try it out, hence there will be more engagement  on your site.

Too much information- Listing contents about why a customer should take your service seems to be a good idea until it gets too lengthy, it would less likely to get any read from the visitors. It should always be kept simple & attractive at the same time. Concentrate on more than two or few points & mention them in a place where they could be seen by the visitors.
Contact info- Some business owners don’t prefer mentioning their contact info in their web site, you must remember that  there would be visitors who are simply searching for your offline contact info & when they don’t find what they are looking for they might never return to your site ever